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About Langmead Herbs

Herb Sourcing

We are able to control the entire growing & packing process from seed to pack-house which enables us to react quickly to our customer’s demands & needs.

West Sussex Herb Production

Innovative use of agronomic technology

Using the natural benefits of the locations & the different climatic zones, our professional farming team employ technology in innovative ways in conjunction with sound agronomic principles to challenge yield norms whilst going above and beyond customer expectations.

Creating an ideal climate at our farming locations

Our chosen farming locations create an ideal climate for the production of fresh produce in a sustainable rotation. The mix of high light levels and soil types, from water retentive brick earths to free draining loamy sands, gives us flexibility of establishment windows to ensure consistency of supply. We are able to farm a range of culinary herbs throughout West Sussex & Suffolk in the UK, therefore giving us the choice to plant what we want, and when we need it.

Image Credit: Luke MacGregor

Langmead Herbs Glasshouse

Developing sustainable growing systems

We have invested in a large number of projects and facilities to protect and enhance our estate.

We aim to bring sustainable growing systems with a long term view of the land.

We use compost, cover cropping, crop rotation, reduced tillage, reed beds for filtering waste water and reservoirs to store and recycle water which is then used for irrigation & wild flower mixes for local pollinators.

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Our growing facilities in West Sussex

Our living herbs are grown in a state of the art automated herb growing facility in West Sussex (UK). The facility is managed by 35 years of agronomic experience which delivers vibrant fresh product all year round.

We are continually trying to improve our product quality through varietal trials to improve plant yield, health and developing new innovative herb product ideas for our customers.

We are able to provide year-round cut products from our glasshouse production in UK for certain varieties like basil. We currently grow in excess of 10million pots every year from our UK and Spain glasshouses.