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Our Story

About Langmead Herbs

David Langmead comes from a farming family background, tracing its roots back to 1590, and started his own farming business in 1982.

David Langmead

Langmead Farms was established in 1987

In 1987 he set up Langmead Farms, a small salad farming operation, supplying the freshest lettuce with the latest farming technology to Tesco. Since then he has diversified by expanding his customer base, creating new enterprises and moving into new fresh, added value categories and product areas. Langmead Herbs was established in 2012.

Proudly promoting a culture of learning

David is proud to have created a learning culture at the heart of the business and his vision is to put his people first, constantly seeking to enable and grow our people to their full potential. He has a genuine pride, belief and trust in the people who work in our herb business and the business actively encourages passion, innovation, ownership and curiosity which give the business its open and engaged environment.

Image Credit: Luke MacGregor

West Sussex Herb Growers

A mission to grow a sustainable business

David has a passion for growing businesses and the core belief that it is people that differentiate those businesses. His vision is to develop high performing teams with talented and committed people who are valued for their individual strengths, industry knowledge and experience.

The outcome is growing great, customer focussed, businesses that are sustainable, innovative and profitable, with people who have a passion and determination for what they do.

David’s long-term strategies are underpinned by transgenerational thinking as well as an entrepreneurial style, with the intent to continue building great places to work, in agile and sustainable business models, that provide security for the people and the family for the generations to come.

Developing bonds with the local community

David also believes in building companies that develop strong bonds with the local community, supporting local charities and events, as well as supporting its own internal community with initiatives such as the Employee Voice forum as well as matching fund raising and arranging regular social events.

Over the last 30 years, David has diversified to establish a portfolio of businesses in fresh food, farming and property and renewable energy.